A clever collaboration tool to help students create amazing presentations

Google slides – How I used this remarkable tool for student collaboration

Collaboration makes your work better because it:

  • Creates self-awareness. When you collaborate with others, you have to explain (and then defend) your ideas. Collaboration is a great way to understand your own thought processes.
  • Speeds things up. When you have more people on a task, everyone can use their unique strengths to make the project run smoother…and faster
  • Boosts morale. When people don’t trust each other, morale suffers. Regularly working with other people is one of the most effective ways to build trust.
  • You never stop learning. Collaboration exposes you to new skillsets and experiences. That fresh perspective triggers the creativity for everyone involved.

Source – 45 Collaboration Quotes That Will Get You Excited to be Part of a Team (activecampaign.com)

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” – H.E. Luccock

The online learning and teaching platform has pushed teachers to become more creative to keep students engaged in their learning – and collaboration is always a wonderful way to help students stay engaged, display student agency and develop the ATL

In this post, I am sharing a new strategy I used for student collaboration. The funny thing being that we teachers have used it for so long to collaborate, but I just recently realised its effectiveness for student collaboration! Much impressed with the results too, I must say!

The breakout rooms recently introduced in Microsoft Teams is a wonderful feature which allows students to collaborate meaningfully. I am sharing below the steps I followed to effectively integrate the breakout rooms feature and Google Slides app for collaboration and creation of a wonderful presentation.

6 simple steps to help students create a presentation using Google slides –

Recently, in our English classes, we were inquiring into the different genres of poetry and the use of poetic devices for greater impact.

  • I created a Google slide before the class for the purpose.  I had a skeletal structure in place – title slide, placeholders for each slide (free verse, rhyming haiku, limerick, and a last slide for the figures of speech like metaphor, simile, alliteration etc).
  • I gave instructions to the class as a whole – they would work on the slide number as per their breakout room numbers (room no 1 on free verse etc). I then sent the students packing into their breakout rooms 🙂 (I automatically assigned them to 5 rooms)
  • I shared the link to the Google slide with the whole class with editing rights.

Genres of poetry – Google slide

  • I visited each room in turn to ensure student participation and give feedback on the work they were doing.
  • As a teacher, it was so easy to give them feedback as every group was working on the same document! I just focused on the slide relevant to that group.
  • At the end of the task we had a wonderful presentation on genres of poetry that would serve as a ready resource for all.

Sharing some images from the presentation created –

  • I then used the same strategy in Math for data handling – students researched in breakout rooms and created a consolidated presentation on bar graphs, line graphs, pie chart and pictographs, also comparing and contrasting the different types of graphs.

Sharing some samples of the student work and the link to the Google slide

Data handling – Google slides

Do share if you have a collaboration tool that worked effectively in your classroom!

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  1. Collaboration is the skill that we must help our learners develop, after all learning to learn together is a great attitude to develop. We must acknowledge that we affect each other in the learning ecosystem.

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